All the images in this virtual bank (photos and videos) are of the royaltyfree type, for private and commercial use as detailed in the following points;

1.- The purchased image does not give the right to re-sell the image or any of its reproductions to third parties, either alone, incorporated, together with or in any item of merchandise or other author's work, in any medium or format known now or in the future.

2.- The client (buyer) shall have the right to sell or distribute the image only incorporated in an original video item for commercial use on TV, Cinema or Internet. If the Work has been modified to such an extent that it is not substantially similar to the original work, it may be used without prejudice or limitation.

3.- The unmodified image can not be reproduced in cups, shirts, posters or any similar merchandise, since the fundamental value still resides in the Work itself. unless a value is agreed according to its use with the client.

4.- The image (s) purchased in our bank of images AD Toma Aérea can not be used as a means of protest, nor violence that has clear political or racial motives, nor to offend directly or indirectly a person, group, company, organization, city, country or region of the world. In other words, any use of our images that involves a malicious logic will be followed by our lawyers and penalized according to the laws of the country.

5.- All the rights remain of our authors and contributors, when buying one or more of the takes that appear in our catalog, the right of use is granted as indicated in the previous points, the rights of each author are not transferred to the client.

6.- The aerial video file (s) may be in FHD, 2.7k or 4K size, and AVCHD, MP4 H264, MOV and MXF formats.

7.- About the purchase with exclusivity: this will only be valid for 12 months from the purchase of the image (photo or video), during such period no one else will be able to buy said scene / s in our aerial image bank. Without prejudice to any customer who has purchased it before, he who will maintain his right of use.