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In this category you can find aerial images of the city of Santiago de Chile, different communes and their surroundings at different heights and in different areas.
In the metropolitan region is the capital of the country, Santiago, a modern city, with a high rate of growth and development, the tallest and most luxurious buildings is here, in fact it is the tallest skyscraper in South America, the Great Santiago Tower. It is part of the Costanera Center complex, which includes a shopping center, two hotels and two office towers.
likewise there are old but modern residential neighborhoods and new neighborhoods where calm life has been privileged and in green surroundings.

Aerial images of some places like: Las Condes, Providencia, cordilleran sectors, La Florida, high bridge, San Jose de Maipo, La Reina, Cordillera province and concepts such as: Urban, city, capitals, buildings, mountain, snow, modern, houses, tourism, etc.

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