In accordance with international regulations and laws, we have a money return policy

The client can request a refund of the money only in the following cases:
1.- In the event that it is impossible for you to download the digital product, even when you have requested help from our team, the problem persists and the cause of the download failure is a problem with our e-commerce system, our server or any other direct cause of our responsibility.

2.- In the event that the product received is of a lower quality than that described in the publication of the digital product, this only refers to the fact that it is not in the resolution indicated and has nothing to do with aesthetic appreciation.

3.- In case of receiving another digital product and not the one that you have purchased, having previously informed and first requested the shipment of the correct product and without receiving a response. If you have not reported the problem, you will be satisfied with your purchase after 7 business days.

The refund of money will be made as long as the client has a current bank account for which international money transfers or shipments can be made, if applicable, and in USD or CLP or a PayPal account.

If the return is approved, the money will be returned discounting the taxes and commissions of electronic transfers and currency conversion.

The customer will have 7 business days to challenge the purchase and request a refund.

To request a refund, you must send an e-mail with a copy of the e-mail receipt of the digital product that was sent to you from our image bank.

When making the purchase online in our e-commerce, these return policies, payment method and their implications are accepted.