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MegaControl Bowls
MegaControl Bowls

Bowls of the exciting world of hobby RC

Exclusive program model and Chilean channel "MegaControl"

On one side of the bowl is the MegaControl Logo and sponsors of sponsors and partners and on the other hand a collage of radio-controlled photos in action.

Two MegaControl design alternatives:

  1. Standard design: with logos and collage of original RC and Megacontrol world photos.
  2. Custom design: Same standard design but we integrate a photo of you that you send us, where you go with your favorite RC or another and we put it in the center of the collage;)

    Sending by post from Chile, to be paid (pay the buyer at the destination)

    Here you can see the channel on youtube and the tv chapters i>

    Buy your bowl and help promote this exciting hobby in Chile:)

MegaControl Bowls

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Brand: MegaControl AD

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