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Welcome to the bank of aerial images of Chile

En Tomas Aéreas / Aerial Takes tenemos cientos de videos aéreos y fotografías aéreas con drone, desde aviones y más de todo Chile! Somos Banco de imágenes aéreas de Chile. Videos aéreos y fotos aéreas royaltyfree para uso comercial, tomas con drone, vistas desde aeronaves, altura geográfica y desde estructuras, También servicio tomas aéreas, tomas con steadycam y timelapse. ¡COMPRA ESTANDAR O CON EXCLUSIVIDAD!

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Aerial Takes

AERIAL TAKES, Image bank  Aerial videos, royalty free Aerial photographs of Chile, plus shots in motion with steadycam and timelapse.

This is a virtual catalog of aerial images mostly taken with drones by videographers pilots and remote photographers or from airplanes and aircraft, as well as from geographical heights or from structures and constructions.

The Aerialtakes video and photo bank was created by the accredited remote pilot, filmmaker, photographer, designer and art director of AD Audiovisual Christian Abascal. Ho this catalog is composed of videos and aerial photographs of the creator, plus an increasing number of beautiful aerial views sent by our contributors: photographers, videographers and fans of art, photos and drones.

We have a high content of aerial views of different areas of Chile, from sea to mountain range and from the extreme north to the extreme south of the country.

In this bank of images you can find aerial video scenes and aerial photos in high resolution and high definition of:
Cities, Towns, Andean mountain range, snow, deserts, coastline, sea, rivers and lakes, with activities such as sports, transportation, ports, mining, forests, nature, travel and routes, renewable and clean energy, beautiful sunsets and more.

You can find images by searching our menu, as well as using the search engine by words and concepts.

Today we have the support of SERCOTEC and Fundación Imagen de Chile

If you need to make specific aerial shots you can hire the services of 

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